What Are They?

Aerosol filling

If you are wondering regarding what are aerosols, then you have ended up at just the right place. It is possible that some of the gases that you consider as aerosols are not really aerosols at all. Therefore, let’s clear it up. An aerosol basically looks more like a cloudy liquid and gas. It is a unique mixture of gas and liquid, which comes out of the nozzle of an aerosol can in the form of a mist or tiny droplets.


Fog, steam, and even the clouds you see floating high up in the sky; are all unique forms of aerosols. It would be interesting for you to discover that the clouds which lead to rainfall are actually made up of many water droplets dispersed throughout a sheet of air.


Yet another prominent example of aerosols is the candles which are able to make aerosols in the air. This aerosol is in the form of smoky steam which rises above the candle flame. The aerosols from the candle consist mainly of the solid carbon particles in the form of soot and the hot water vapours contained in the air.

How The Cans Works?

Aeosol can

You can say that an aerosol consists of a homogenized and uniform mixture of solid particles and liquid. Some people see it more like a fine and refined mist which a wide range of solid particles has dispersed inside the gas. The aerosols normally come inside the cans, which have been filled with this mixture under high pressure.


As we know that it is possible to pressurize gases easily, the aerosol consists of two parts. The liquid part of the aerosol contains the particles which are meant to be released. Whereas, the aerosol can also contain a pressurized gas known as a propellant. As the name tells, the propellant helps in pushing the liquid out into the air. This process leads to the formation of an aerosol cloud. Due to the high pressure of the nozzle, the propellant and gas can mix together well. When the molecules of the liquid come out of the nozzle, they are able to turn into a gas due to evaporation. This is why perfumes feel cool on the skin.


The main cause of air pollution which is smoke is also an aerosol. The aerosol i.e. smoke leads to many respiratory diseases due to the fact that it contains different harmful and toxic solid particles e.g. the unburned carbon mixed in warm air. When the warm air rises, the carbon particles suspended in this rising air tend to get inhaled by humans. These particles can get stuck to the walls of the human lungs, and even cause them to collapse. Therefore, it is important to consider the health hazards of some specific aerosols.

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